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In 1994, with no less than 30 years experience in the zipper industry, the team at Speed Zipper embarked on an endeavour that would impact the industry tremendously. With sheer determination and the hunger to succeed, we resolved to set a new precedent in the quality and service, it was the birth of a truly unique company that would go on to enjoy phenomenal growth.

Speed Zipper is a 100% PDI (previously disadvantaged individual) and HDI (historically disadvantaged individual) owned company.

Our Mission

We, at Speed Zipper, know very well that our zippers form a critical component within our customer's products. In light of this, we continuously strive to:

Maintain our reputation as the preferred supplier of strong and
durable fasteners.
Supply zippers that uphold and enhance the overall quality and functionality of our clients products.
Remain on the cutting-edge of fashion trends within the industry. Support our clients in achieving their objectives.
Contribute toward the country's upliftment through empowerment and job creation initiatives.

Our Service

We believe in building strong business networks with our clients, based on the solid principle of perseverance. Our team understands that each client's product in unique. That's why we offer service that is tailored according to the needs of the client. Essentially, providing friendly and efficient service is paramount to us at all times.

Our 3000 square metre plant, housing fully automated production lines and warehousing, ensures high levels of productivity are maintained and all logistical needs are efficiently met.